Westside Regional Alliance of Councils

WRAC is a cooperative regional council made up of all 14 Neighborhood and Community Councils on the Westside of Los Angeles. WRAC meets regularly on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:30am and hosts regional town halls on a quarterly basis.

WRAC’s purpose is to:

Provide a forum for the discussion and review of issues of interest to the Westside of Los Angeles on a region-wide basis

Be an advocate for the WRAC councils as a whole in dealings with governmental and private entities upon issues that the WRAC councils select

Assist member councils desiring help with their objectives or projects if they are of significance to the Westside of Los Angeles as a whole

Inform all councils, who shall communicate with their Councilmembers, about issues and news relating to matters before WRAC

Engage in such other activities as are allowed by law