Chair’s Message

WRAC is a regional alliance that considers and advises on the interests of the entire Westside of Los Angeles, with member councils representing communities from Westchester to Pacific Palisades along the coast, and from Venice on the west to Brentwood and other communities east of the 405. WRAC was created in 2009 with 12 member councils and today represents 14 councils and 500,000 residents. Through our collective voice we seek to translate the grass roots power of our councils into collective legislative action both at local, state and federal levels.

We frequently have high profile guests such as Mayor Garcetti, Congressman Lieu, District Attorney Gascon, County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, our City Council members, and state officials such as Richard Bloom and Ben Allen.  We recently conducted several successful candidate forums in connection with the 2022 primary election; see Past Events for details. We’re looking forward to hosting our new Councilmembers Traci Park and Katy Yaroslavsky, County Supervisor Lindsay Horvath, City Attorney Hydee-Feldstein Soto and Mayor Karen Bass at Roundtable discussions in 2023.

I served as President of Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council (BABCNC) for 5 years and currently serve as BABCNC’s Vice-President for Operations.  I’ve represented BABCNC on the WRAC Board for almost 10 years.  In addition to hosting public servants at our WRAC meetings, I’ll continue to advocate for officially adopted positions, which are taken when a majority of our councils affirm any given motion.

To date, WRAC has taken positions on important issues including anti-camping & vehicle dwelling regulations, homeless housing at beaches and parks, SB 9 and 10, support for other affordable housing bills, density calculations, the Community Plan update process, billboard and sign regulation, electric scooter permits, ride-sharing data, overnight beach access, short term rentals, cell towers in the public right of way, support for VA leasing to benefit the unhoused and more; in November 2022, we joined with the City Council and wider Los Angeles community in calling for the resignation of disgraced City Councilmembers Kevin de Leon and Gl Cedillo.  See Adopted Positions for more information.

For a recap memo summarizing our most recent Board meeting, click here.

Robin Greenberg, Chair