Chair’s Message

WRAC is a regional alliance that considers and advises on the interests of the entire west side of Los Angeles, with councils representing communities from Westchester to Venice, to Playa del Rey to Mar Vista, to Westwood and West LA over to Brentwood and Pacific Palisades. WRAC was created in 2009 with 12 member Councils under the leadership of its first Chair, Michael Newhouse, who was Chair until January 2017. Then Vice Chair, Doug Fitsimmons stepped up to Chair from from 2017-2018, and I took over as Chair in September of 2018.

Today, I am proud to preside over an Alliance of 14 Neighborhood and Community Councils which consider regional issues from homelessness and housing, to transportation and planning. Through our Land Use Committee and our Mobility committee, we consider policies that impact Angelenos through City ordinances, state bills, private or public actors and advise or advocate on behalf of west-siders to our city, county and state elected and appointed officials.

We adopt a formal WRAC position only after at least nine of our member councils have affirmed any given motion that the WRAC board approves to take to their full councils.

Maryam Zar, Chair

To date, we have taken myriad positions on important issues including overnight beach access, short term rentals, SB827, Urban Canopy Protection, cell towers in the public right of way, support for VA leasing to benefit homelessness and more.

Below are some of our most recent meeting recaps. I will post more in the coming months and hope you will continue to engage with us, and your Neighborhood and Community Councils on matters that impact our collective communities and their evolution.

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