WRAC Meeting: Jan 16, 2019

WRAC Meeting: Jan 16, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 | 8:30 – 10:00am

Lenny's Deli, Back room, 2379 Westwood Blvd., LA 90064

The Chair will be out of town for the January meeting. Vice Chair, Rob Kadota and Secretary, Larry Watts, will run the meeting. There will be two presentations and discussion on internal matters, including adding a newly certified NC, on the Westside, to our Alliance.

We will discuss what the broad strokes of important issues will be to our alliance, looking ahead at 2019.  The Exec Committee believes these will include land use, homelessness, transportation/mobility. We will talk about communication (within the board and without) as well as our views on how to grow our each and interface with city members, elected officials and the media.

Looking ahead, we plan to address:

New NC
Council/Alliance priorities
Scooter & DWP Presentations
Discuss events for the year (March: Mobility)

Focus on City “Resilliance” efforts and learn more about the drive to attract meaningful “volunteerism” with new City department.

Transportation  – Purple Line and other rising mobility issues

Housing & homelessness (perhaps we can screen The Advocates as a community event)

Community Plans
Public Safety

New ordinance overview, and emerging city issues
NC Elections
DONE – and its path forward…

Possible intro of new members (with elections)

One hour free parking (with a restaurant validation) in the surface parking lot immediately north of Lenny’s, on Westwood Boulevard. After the first hour free (with validation), it’s $2 for the next hour.

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