WRAC Meeting: Nov 20, 2019

WRAC Meeting: Nov 20, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 8:30 -10:00am

West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave., LA • 2nd floor conference room

We will meet at the 2nd floor conference room of the West LA Municipal Building.

We will have two presentations from the City this month, so please arrive in time as both are very important.  The first will be from Mike Shull at LA Dept of Rec & Parks, with whom I am sure we will want to have a robust discussion. The second will be from the City Attorney’s office of Tobacco enforcement and their vaping enforcement program.

I encourage all member councils to attend (Reps or Alternates) our meetings and have a voice on the outcome of our deliberations and regional positions.  To see a roster of our 14 member councils and their reps (and alternates when designated), please click over to the “Our Councils” tab.

See you all on Wednesday.

Maryam Zar

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