Addressing Issues with RecycLA Franchise Waste Program

Addressing Issues with RecycLA Franchise Waste Program

Proposed by Fitzsimmons / SORO NC on September 20, 2017
Motion failed to be adopted by a majority of Councils before the January 2018 deadline

Passed by

  • South Robertson Neighborhoods Council
  • Westside Neighborhood Council


In response to widespread stakeholder complaints, the ___________ NC/CC calls upon the City to immediately:

  1. mandate franchisees publicly document they have both the equipment and resources necessary to provide the timely and satisfactory services to ALL their customers;
  2. proactively provide ALL customers of the new franchisees appropriate education on what the intent of the new regulations are and how they can manage their waste to keep their fees close to those paid under their previous service providers;
  3. ensure that condo owners, apartment owners and businesses throughout Los Angeles are charged appropriately for the services contracted and that those payments do not exceed those for equivalent services paid by single-family homeowners;
  4. set up a complaint line separate from the 311 call center to ensure issues are properly addressed until the transition is complete to customer satisfaction;
  5. re-open the fee schedule (and conditions for extra services) as created by outside consultants and approved by the City Council to include stakeholder input through the Neighborhood Council system; and
  6. to avoid worsening the homelessness crisis in the City, develop and implement strategies to mitigate the impact of rate increases on low-income households.
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