Allow NCs to Communicate with Non-City Entities/Electeds

Allow NCs to Communicate with Non-City Entities/Electeds

Proposed by Matt Wersinger/DRNC on June 17, 2020
Formally adopted by WRAC in January 2021 | Download the WRAC position letter

Passed by

  • Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council
  • Brentwood Community Council
  • Del Rey Neighborhood Council
  • Mar Vista Community Council
  • Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa
  • North Westwood Neighborhood Council
  • Palms Neighborhood Council
  • Westside Neighborhood Council
  • Westwood Neighborhood Council


RESOLVED ____ NC/CC insists that Neighborhood Councils are not prohibited from communicating with non-City of Los Angeles government representatives and/or staff not with entities other than those within the City, regarding issues impacting their neighborhoods; and that Neighborhood Councils are free to discuss any issues of local concern.


DONE policy statement

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