Changes to proposed City cannabis regulations

Changes to proposed City cannabis regulations

Proposed by Fitzsimmons / SORO NC on July 19, 2017
Motion failed to be adopted by a majority of Councils before the October 2017 deadline

Passed by

  • Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council
  • Brentwood Community Council (modified version)
  • South Robertson Neighborhoods Council
  • Westside Neighborhood Council


___________NC/CC recommends the following changes and additions to the City’s proposed cannabis regulations:

  1. To conform with State law, create a stable and legitimate business environment, and avoid the kind of exploitable “grey areas” created by Prop. D, the City must implement an unambiguous licensing system for commercial cannabis activities and include those activities as enumerated uses in the City’s municipal code.
  2. Complaints about specific cannabis businesses collected by City staff, LAPD, Council offices, Neighborhood and Community Councils, and the City’s MyLA311 app should be included and considered in the licensing approval and renewal process.
  3. Hearing dates and non-sensitive application information should be posted upon receipt on the Cannabis Dept.’s website, and notice sent to affected NCs/CCs.
  4. The standard application process should include an assessment from the Planning Dept. on land use considerations, and should not be split into a separate land use approval and appeals process.
  5. Retail cannabis storefronts should be limited to operating hours of 7am to 9pm. Deliveries should extend no later than 11pm.
  6. In the interest of eliminating black market sales, the City should conduct a market-sizing study by January 1, 2019 (and every five years thereafter) to assess how well the City is addressing demand and to inform regulatory adjustments.





BCC adopted most of the motion, although it changed operating hours to 9am to 7pm, and added recommendations on location restrictions (include R-1 zones as protected uses, review substance abuse treatment definitions, and consider 1000′ vs. 800′ radius), priority of protected uses, radius of those notified (sync with 800′ offset), switch to 60-day notice, consideration of NC/CC feedback, and acknowledgement of community signage review boards.

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