Community Plans Update Process — Requests to Planning

Community Plans Update Process — Requests to Planning

Proposed by Barbara Broide/WNC on October 19, 2020
Formally adopted by WRAC in November 2020 | Download the WRAC position letter

Passed by

  • Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council
  • Brentwood Community Council
  • Del Rey Neighborhood Council (modified version)
  • Mar Vista Community Council (modified version)
  • Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa
  • Pacific Palisades Community Council
  • Palms Neighborhood Council (modified version)
  • West LA-Sawtelle Neighborhood Council (modified version)
  • Westside Neighborhood Council
  • Westwood Community Council
  • Westwood Neighborhood Council


Motion to support and include for official input to the Los Angeles Department of City Planning in reference to the WRAC Member Community Plan updates, a delay of 6 months due to COVID 19 and restrictions related to public access, meetings and participation and further request the following:

  • An appropriate assessment of how the COVID 19 and future pandemics will impact current and future mobility, housing, design, environmental and health and safety needs and concerns.
  • Current and future data projections relevant to the task of updating all WRAC member Community Plans.
  • Incorporation of an additional step in the Community Plan update timeline that allows for presentation of the staff draft plan and an associated public comment period, or a second and revised concept plan phase. Allocation of time for staff to review public comments and incorporate changes to reflect input prior to issuing any NOP for the start of the environmental review process. It is improper to issue an NOP and conduct a DEIR for a draft plan that the community has had neither the chance to see or review.
  • Thorough public outreach is a must and should include all stakeholders. The Planning Department has not allocated proper time or resources, and City Council must do so moving forward so that no stakeholders are left uninformed about the process.


Modified versions of motion:

MVCC:  9/08/20 Minutes (Items 14.4-14.7)

DRNC:  10/08/20 Concept Plan Letter

WLASNC:  10/28/20 Resolution

PNC:  12/2/20 Draft Letter (approved by PNC board; received by WRAC after 12/3/20 position letter sent)


NCWP:  motion approved by NCWP board 12/8/20 (after 12/3/20 position letter sent)

WWNC:  motion approved by WWNC board 12/9/20 (after 12/3/20 position letter sent)

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