Support CF 20-1174 (Unfinished Development/Enforcement)

Support CF 20-1174 (Unfinished Development/Enforcement)

Proposed by Robin Greenberg/BABCNC on October 19, 2020
No passage deadline has been set
Not yet passed by a member Council


Refers to City Council file 20-1174

Motion to support Council File 20-1174 (Koretz and Ryu).  Whereas there are unfinished development projects citywide, which were issued building permits, in some instances, more than 8 years prior, such unfinished projects causing the building sites to become eyesores and a disturbance to abutting property owners and neighborhood residents, therefore the City Council is to instruct the Department of Building and Safety, in consultation with the City Attorney, to prepare a report with the department’s enforcement of Municipal Code to provide remedies such as a completion bond, which sets time limits to complete projects.


Status:  Motion in CF 20-1174 assigned to the Council PLUM committee but not yet scheduled for hearing as of November 11, 2020.

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