Oil drilling safety conditions at Rancho Park Golf Course

Oil drilling safety conditions at Rancho Park Golf Course

Proposed by Roos / MVCC on May 16, 2018
Motion failed to be adopted by a majority of Councils before the September 2018 deadline

Passed by

  • Brentwood Community Council
  • Mar Vista Community Council
  • Westside Neighborhood Council


WHEREAS industrial oil drilling operations at Rancho Park Public Golf Course are ongoing and in close proximity to thousands of residents, and

WHEREAS there is an extensive history at this Drillsite of City Code violations, Conditions-of-Use violations, and repeated industrial accidents, and

WHEREAS considerable and widespread concern regarding potential jeopardy to human health and safety from extractive oil and gas operations in close proximity to dense residential areas is demonstrable from the widely reported physical symptoms and complaints about communications following the odorant spill of November 29, 2017, reminiscent of the 2015 natural gas leak further north at Aliso Canyon.

THEREFORE be it resolved to exhort that the Zoning Administrator (ZA) follow precedent and deny Drillsite approval of CEB industrial equipment within the residentially zoned Rancho Park Public Golf Course, and FURTHER mandate all the following safety conditions:

  1. 24/7 emissions monitoring using up-to-date laser-based equipment,
  2. Annual compliance inspections by the ZA’s office and Petroleum Administrator,
  3. Mandatory periodic Reviews of Conditions by the ZA on a 5 year cycle to allow for updating of ZA assigned conditions of use,
  4. A clear emergency and accident reporting plan by which the oil company must notify LAFD, LAPD, the Petroleum Administrator, and Council District 5.
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