Westwood NC Subdivision

Westwood NC Subdivision

Proposed by WRAC leadership on March 21, 2018
Formally adopted by WRAC in March 2018 | Download the WRAC position letter
Not yet passed by a member Council


Immediately stay any subdivision process for NCs, including the one currently underway for Westwood NC, until BONC has had an opportunity to complete the review process, that is duly unfolding, for the subdivision ordinance (including City Council hearings that take into account community input). We further ask that BONC put in place a mechanism for professional mediation before any subdivision election is considered.

Additional background: Download WNC Letter to BONC


Note: Members resolved to have Acting Chair send a letter to DONE reflecting this vote and ask for the subdivision process to be stayed in order to give time for the ordinance redraft to work through its normal course, to completion. The argument was made that time is of the essence and that this represented an exigent circumstance that merits an executive action.

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