Minimize Light Pollution

Minimize Light Pollution

Proposed by Chris Spitz and Travis Longcore/Jay Ross/WRAC LUPC on May 15, 2023
Passage deadline: August 2023
Not yet passed by a member Council


The _____ NC/CC requests that the City Council open a Council File such that:

1.  The City implements the Five Principles of Responsible OutdoorLighting that minimize light pollution by following these guidelines (adopted by the Illuminating Engineering Society and the International Dark-Sky Association):

• All lights should have a clear purpose.

• Light should be directed only where needed.

• Light should be no brighter than necessary.

• Light should be used only when it is useful

• Use warmer color lights where possible.

2.   The City enacts/codifies these principles through its departments and agencies for City facilities and properties such as buildings, parking lots and parks, the streetlight system, the airport and port, and for private development.

3.  Community Plans and Specific Plans also enact similar dark sky practices and include limitations on bright lights, light trespass, and illumination of building facades.


See Background Report linked below.  Contact Travis Longcore,, or Jay Ross,,  with any questions.

[Note: the motion text recommended by WRAC LUPC, as reflected in the Background Report, was subsequently edited by the WRAC Board]

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