Request for Revisions to SB 330

Request for Revisions to SB 330

Proposed by Jay Ross/WRAC LUPC and Matt Wersinger on November 15, 2021
Motion failed to be adopted by a majority of Councils before the March 2022 deadline

Passed by

  • Mar Vista Community Council
  • South Robertson Neighborhoods Council
  • West LA-Sawtelle Neighborhood Council
  • Westside Neighborhood Council


The Westside Regional Alliance of Councils requests that the City of Los Angeles, through the Council’s Government Affairs Committee, include in its Sacramento legislative priorities the following request for revisions to SB 330, and implement local regulations in conformance with such revisions, if enacted, as follows:

  1. When RSO units are demolished and replaced pursuant to the provisions and protections in SB330, any units that must be provided pursuant to a density bonus under SB1818 or SB1222A shall be additive to those numbers of replacement units that are required pursuant to SB330 (instead of “inclusive”).
  2. All replacement units shall be of comparable size and configuration (i.e. they shall have the same number of bedrooms and at least the same square footage).



Motion Background

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